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Life coaching

Sound and valuable relations in private and work life. Personal happiness. Inner satisfaction of everyday life. These are goals everyone strives for

Business coaching

Main field of my interest and expertise as coach is human in organisation, I help companies and managers in development


I offer abundant trainings offer for companies, institutions and NGO’s. As an option I offer trainings with group coaching


I offer my knowledge and advise in matters of relations, communication and problem solving in business emphasising strategies

Team coaching

How to make team members to play ball instead of focusing on their individual targets? Team coaching is method of work with team of people which aims

Recovery coaching

Recovery coaching is unique form of coaching it is tailored and addressed to recovering addicts. It is one of the most effective methods

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I am certified life and business coach. I specialize in services for companies and organisations as well as in work with private clients. I also offer my services as trainer and business consultant.