Life coaching

Sound and valuable relations in private and work life. Personal happiness. Inner satisfaction of everyday life. These are goals everyone strives for – but why is it so hard to achieve them? Where to find energy from, how to set our own individualised direction? How to find right proportions between different spheres of life?


Today’s world gives us so much freedom and so many possibilities but… among all these matters it is so easy to loose direction, our own individual life direction, which merges all ways in different spheres of our life giving us this so wanted feeling of fulfilment. Where is the unfinished source of power to realise our dreams?


The power lies at the source!


And the source is inside you. With questions and my presence, in atmosphere of respect and trust, I support my clients in getting to their own unique source of inner strength and courage, necessary to progress and to realise changes, which are always connected with risk, consequences and hard but fascinating challenges.


For individual life coaching service my customers come with subjects like:

  • Searching of source of inner motivation
  • Finding their own path in life
  • Undefine need for change in life, exploring of needs and goals setting
  • Assertiveness, confidence, self-esteem
  • Methods of dealing with stress and emotions
  • Relationships
  • Change of habits which are destructive or limiting
  • Time management improvement
  • and many more

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Find the source of power!

Let’s work together!

I am certified life and business coach. I specialize in services for companies and organisations as well as in work with private clients. I also offer my services as trainer and business consultant.