Recovery coaching

Recovery coaching is unique form of coaching it is tailored and addressed to recovering addicts. It is one of the most effective methods accompanying substance abuse treatment.


Coaching is method based on using each human’s inner resources and potential. In its form known as recovery coaching it is directed to people addicted to alcohol, narcotics, gambling, also to people suffering from co-dependency or any other form of addiction. Recovery coaching’s task is professional support of patient in developing solid fundaments to recovery from addiction and in setting and achieving goals for further sober life. Recovery coaching helps to find inner motivation for progress and changes which, except abstinence itself, give the recovery deep and sustainable meaning.

When and how does recovery coach work?

Globally, the term of coaching has various applications on different stages of recovery. I work with addict in rehab in order to support his process of discovering himself, building self-consciousness and mature, realistic planning of his sober future. Also, or rather above all, I support addicts after finishing substance abuse psychotherapy: I have role in setting further goals for patient’s live and recovery, supporting him in searching for roads to achieve those goals. I support patient in building and strengthening of his inner motivation. In special circumstances, I work with people active in their addictions to help them in finding positive impulse to begin abstinence and take on professional therapy.

What are benefits of recovery coaching for client?

As mentioned earlier, in result of work with recovery coach, active addict can decide for treatment. This method also has great results among patients being in the course of rehabilitation. It allows to initiate and support processes of recovery. However the widest application recovery coaching has among patient who have already finished professional substance abuse treatment. It is form of strengthening and developing of effects of substance abuse psychotherapy. Recovery coaching process on this stage helps to avoid relapse. Working with recovery coach allows to find people who can support patient in sustaining abstinence. In my work with patient I do not limit to the goals connected only to addiction treatment. Like in life coaching I can support in implementation of life changes and reconstruction in fields connected with health, relations, work or education.

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