I offer abundant trainings offer for companies, institutions and NGO’s. As an option I offer trainings with group coaching, team coaching or individual coaching sessions for particular employees.

Trainings for business

My main area of expertise in trainings are matters of international trade and intercultural relations in business.


I offer services of supporting sales and procurement departments connected with maters of relations, communication and problem solving in business emphasising strategies and techniques of negotiations in situation of conflict, crisis or radically contradictory goals.


My trainings on subject of diversity and multiculturality help in understanding phenomenon which results from them and using them for sake of organisation. It applies equally to cultural diversity inside company, understood as differences resulting from partial contradictions of goals of different departments of company, differences of thinking and behavioural styles of employees (for example: often in many companies conflict between sales and marketing departments), and also from differences which come from issues like big age differences between employees or various social backgrounds of team member.


I help in understanding and expanding of knowledge about the widest area connected with cultural differences – which are global contacts in business. I take care of comprehensive preparation of managers and employees or board members in correction of their communication style with business partners of various cultural areas of world, as well as I ensure support and consulting in particular, individual negotiation situations or state of conflict.


Cultural differences of any kind in spite of appearances are great potential of each organisation or team and can be used in favour of company and lead to measurable increasing of business results.

Group coaching

Group coaching is method of progressive work which allows each participant to improve, develop and find his own way of growth. Group coaching has great value as acclaimed method of development of qualified personnel. It is often chosen by business clients as complementation and strengthening of my trainings.

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I am certified life and business coach. I specialize in services for companies and organisations as well as in work with private clients. I also offer my services as trainer and business consultant.