Team coaching

Do you want to improve relation between team and its leader?

How to make team members to play ball instead of focusing on their individual targets?

Team coaching is method of work with team of people which aims to improve mutual cooperation, relations and atmosphere in order to increase effectiveness of team’s activity. It focuses on strengthening of identification with the group of each of its members, redefining of goals and motivation to achieve them. Team coaching effects in concentration on mutual goal, building trust to team leader – which results in better engagement of team in its work and realisation of goals. All these effect in significant increase of team’s business results.

For companies and institutions I create individualised team coacing programs, tailored to specific needs, team’s character, its size and specifics.

Before beginning of team coaching process I recommend as an option examination of each memeber by PRISM diagnostic tool of which I am certified international practitioner. This diagnose is great starting point support for coaching process, it gives also additional value in other fields – like Human Resources.

I offer also team coaching together with individual coaching work with team leader?

I support leaders in redefining their communication style to be more open, I help in building and development of skills allowing to recognise moods and emotions in their teams and in improving management of these issues. I engage in work to improve trust between team and its leader through supporting team leader in development of their listening skills, inspiring, supporting team members in their individual development.

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